My Cash Back Secrets For Travel & Online Shopping

I’m often asked, Do I know any ways to save on travel? How/Where do I book my trips? I’m going to outline a smart way to book your travel in order to SAVE BIG! If you aren’t plugged into this program YET you are leaving tons of money on the table. Secret #1 Ebates: Cash Back App When you sign up for Ebates for FREE and use the app or chrome extension to shop at your normal online stores such as Amazon, Ebay, Walmart or Travel Sites such as HotWire, Expedia, etc. You will instantly get a $10 cash bonus and 3-30% cash back on your purchases! There are over 2,000 stores that you can shop through this app! Check out this video on how it works: You’re probably wondering, how can they give you cash back for simply shopping?! Ebates is advertising on their site for these brands and sending out regular emails about deals. Ebates sends more customers to online retailers and they give them a kick back. They pass some of the money on to you! Ready to learn how to use it? Step 1.¬† Create a Free Account >>¬†CLICK HERE << **Under the password box is … Continue reading My Cash Back Secrets For Travel & Online Shopping